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Department of Microelectronic Systems 
Cadence Academic Network
Starting with Cadence Academic Network...

Our Department has joined Cadence Academic Network in 2007. Since that moment, the selected workers and students participated in yearly CDNLive EMEA User Conference, which take place in Munich, Germany. In 2009, during CDNLive Conference, student S. Graczyk has presented his project "Design of standard cells for UMC L130E FSG process".

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Examples of the designed ASICs

Year: 2009
Technology: UMC130 (CMOS 130nm)
Area: 25mm2
Short description: sensor network node controller with online video stream processing
More information: click this link

Year: 2000
Technology: ORBIT 2um
Area: 20mm2
Short description: OTA-C analogue, programmable array
More information: click this link

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